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Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Back to Basics Workshop.

This event is specifically designed for clients that CURRENTLY HAVE A REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST that was created by Mark Boyson (retired). If you do not have a trust that was created by Mark, then please call the office number below and schedule an individual appointment to review your estate plan.

If you need a different date or time to review your current plan, or if your spouse is unable to attend with you, then please call the office number below and we would be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you!

Back to Basics is a workshop to review all the initial counseling questions from beginning to end of your trust and your end-of-life documents. This is NOT a time of actually recreating your documents, but only insight on the most current estate planning tools and counseling to determine if your plan will work as designed.

Please select the date below to register by checking the box in the RSVP column and we look forward to presenting this opportunity to you.

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Questions? Need a different meeting date? Call: 306-392-2805

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